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MVP 'Twisty James' Zenith - Multiple Options Available


11 | 5 | -.5 | 2

James Conrad's Twisty James Zenith is now available! The control distance driver designed by James Conrad himself is a reliable companion for accurate distance. Designed to complement the stability of James' Photons, the Neutron Zenith is reliably stable for players of all arm speeds, ranging from a dependable wind fighter to a lazer-straight bomber, depending on arm speed. Twist James is a delightful stamp from the wickedly talented DoubleRam Design - grab yours and support James Conrad's tour!

With a high-powered throw, the Zenith will exhibit just enough distance lengthening turn from a flat release before its confident fade kicks in — displaying the ideal flight pattern for a controlled distance drive. And, thanks to its subtle turn, the Zenith can shape some truly impressive lines from an anhyzer release too. Lower power players will find the Zenith to be workably overstable and dependable into any kind of wind. We have a feeling this disc is going to end up in a lot of bags, so grab a Zenith today and see what the James Conrad Line is all about!