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Discmania Flex 1 C-Line Tactic "Crown Stone"

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As a result of tons of feedback to create versions of discs in crossover plastics between Evolution and Originals lines, the first set of special gems were created and introduced with the Winter Mystery Box campaign in 2023. Don’t miss your chance to have the pick of the litter with this limited set of Lost Stones available while supplies last! Gummy and overstable? Yes please! Those “hit and sit” shots are now possible with the Flex 1 C-Line Tactic.

The Tactic is a truly overstable throwing putter. You can throw it with confidence and putt reliably into strong winds. The exceptionally low glide improves the control even further. It’s great for all types of shot selection, and the variety of plastics available allow you to experiment with which one suits you best.
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