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MVP/Powergrip Collaborative Simon Lizotte Glitsch - Multiple Options Available

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The MVP Disc Sports Glitch has quickly turned into a favorite of disc golfers everywhere, including Powergrip and Simon Lizotte, member of Team Powergrip and Team MVP.

When Powergrip set out for their first Collab Series, the Glitch as was at the top of the list. Partnering with Simon and MVP, Powergrip designed the R2 Eclipse Rim Glitch "Glitsch."

The Glitch is a unique hybrid putter and catch disc. It is the size of a putter, but very lightweight and surprisingly stable. It does not take a lot of effort to see the Glitch fly far with great glide. Perfect for some catch, a little warmup with a friend, or even as an approach disc.

Simon mentioned the word "glitsch" in German means slippery. Powergrip felt an opportunity for the play on words and ran with it. Yes, this is the Glitch Glitsch, and we love it.

Each disc has a black core with a unique blue color glow rim. Each disc has a triple foil stamp.


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